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Winning the Ecommerce content race

Who’s effectively using content to convert browsers into buyers? Discover which retail brands are top of the list, and how others can improve.

Ecommerce is one of the business world’s hottest topics

The last year has been a defining time for retail, with many retailers forced to sell exclusively online, meaning shoppers can’t see, touch, or try on what they’re buying. We decided to look at 100 of the leading retailers in the US, across various verticals, analyzing the performance of their ecommerce content and its ability to attract browsers and convert them into buyers. The process highlighted critical gaps between the experiences offered and what it takes to succeed online.

Who came out on top? Lowe’s expertly recreated the feel of an in-person Sales Assistant through intricate guide content, preempting and answering shopper questions. And Under Armour excelled at nudging consumers towards a purchase with cleverly crafted product descriptions designed to capture and convert.

But not all brands thrived, and we uncovered many leading retailers who neglected to prioritize their fundamental ecommerce content. This can impact their reputation, revenue streams and return on investment from all other marketing activities that drive traffic to their websites.

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Thursday, 20th January 2022
Thursday, 20th January 2022
2:30pm - 5:00pm
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What you can expect in this white paper

In this report you'll learn:

- Current and future changes in the E-commerce sector.

- What's changing and what's not when it comes to Ecommerce

- How can you seize the advantages that are emerging in the coming year?

eCommerce goals assessed

Conversion Optmisation: Are your product pages fully optimised for conversion? 

Search Optimisation: How well-optimised are your category pages, guides and product or accommodation pages for search engine visibility and traffic?

Amazon Optimisation: Are your Amazon product pages optimised for factors known to improve Amazon search rankings, traffic and conversions?

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